Connecting Board

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Hyuntai is a renewable energy, a power control system,
It specializes in IoT application modules and smart farms.

Connecting Board

This device transfers the data, obtained from the complex sensor modules which combine the sensor modules for detecting smoke, temperature, humidity, current and voltage with communication technology, to the server through wired and wireless communication modules, and is possible to carry out the fire warning and diagnosis management solution service by monitoring whole data sharing with information from each power generation system.
It is easy to identify fire alarms and fault findings by measuring and managing the integrated data delivered, and the hardware itself is built in the form of a digital board to improve durability and reliability of the product.
Composite sensor modules with various sensors having different functions of the product can be customized for site in various locations.
Composite sensor module products in the form of PCB boards that can be installed with minimal wiring are used.

Connecting Board- General Type
Middle box installed between the solar module and the inverter. This middle box is designed to prevent reverse-current between the solar module and the inverter and respond to the incoming method of other inverters.
In case of small-capacity generation, some inverters may be installed without a connecting board because they have built-in connecting board.
This device prevents electrical shock from peripherals as it contains a reverse current-resistant diode, a molded case circuit breaker(MCCB) for over-current cut-off, and a surge protective device(SPD) for surge protection.
Depending on the series or parallel layout of the photovoltaic modules, a connecting board circuit having more than 8 circuits can be configured.
A voltmeter and an ammeter are installed in the inner plate to monitor the voltage and current of the solar array.

Connecting Board- Advanced Type (Failure and Fire Warning Alarm)
 Solar cell modules are configured in series-multiples. This device determines the abnormality and failure of the power generation voltage by each channel through sensing the voltage and current by each panel in the connecting board, and when an error occurs, the channel is alarmed to prevent fire, and increase energy efficiency through rapid maintenance.
As strings connected to multiple solar cell modules get together at the junction, it makes easier to separate or check circuits during repair and inspection.
As this device is used between the solar cell modules and inverter, connect the DC power generated in the modules in series-multiples, and gather them to make an electric power required by the system, it protects the inverter and prevents collision between modules.
It consists of a connecting module (prevention of reverse-current), a measurement module (detection of voltage, current), a monitoring module (communication support), a fuse holder   (DC fuse), SPD heatproof padding, power supply, wiring, terminal, and breaker, etc.