Photovoltaic Fault Diagnosis Solution

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Hyuntai is a renewable energy, a power control system,
It specializes in IoT application modules and smart farms.

Photovoltaic Fault Diagnosis Solution

IoT-based solar cell module failure diagnosis solution is an individual solar cell module failure diagnosis solution that can contribute to the prevention of fire through rapid maintenance and increase energy efficiency by sensing the voltage and current produced by each solar cell module and transmitting it to the server through wired and wireless communication network, analyzing data to determine the abnormalities and failure status of power generation for each module, and displaying the alarm when an abnormality occurs.
In order to establish an IoT-based solar cell module fault diagnosis solution, we have built and developed a fault detection system, gateway wireless communication system, and PV monitoring program by 2019.
If solar irradiance is above any value, the voltage is normal if it is above the set value, otherwise, it is considered abnormal.


Long Range (LORA) System
It is a low power wide area (LPWA) technology that helps things communicate with each other. Using a low power, communications to the far distance is available, and SK Telecom participates in the Laura Alliance and is leading standardization of technologies in Korea.
As its feature that can be used seamlessly in a wide variety of environments, it has an advantage in constructing a smart city.
Not only does it cost less to build up infrastructure than 3G or LTE, it also has high expandability and security.

Flame Detection System
Developing a monitoring solution for fire alarm sensor module products allows this device to collect data from the fire detection sensors, and by setting the limit of fire alarms in the monitoring program, it quickly informs to the administrator's monitor (by web and app) when data is out of range so that respond to the case appropriately.
In case of fire, the flame detection system operates so that you can check the site in real time using the installed camera.
Quickly identify the location and situation of fire and can deal with the accident quickly with initial fire suppression.
Recording capability allows you to diagnose and analyze the cause of a fire based on the time of fire started.

Connected to the network, it enables administrators to monitor the situation (by webs and apps) and to respond to the case immediately through monitors to verify and monitor authenticity when data is out of range.
There is a crime prevention function. It's easy to identify criminal suspects and obtain evidence.
It can be used for industrial, educational, medical, disaster prevention, traffic control monitoring, and in-house video information delivery.
Real-time PC and mobile monitoring can watch in real time so that reduce the labor costs for crime prevention and surveillance.