New and Renewable Energy

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Hyuntai is a renewable energy, a power control system,
It specializes in IoT application modules and smart farms.

New and Renewable Energy

Smart Photovoltaic System
By combining the IoT and ICT technologies with photovoltaic technology, monitoring information such as facility status, energy output, etc. and the abnormalities of photovoltaic system can be checked and recorded anytime, anywhere through PC or smartphone applications. Existing photovoltaic systems store electrical energy generated by solar cell modules in batteries and use it immediately, but smart photovoltaic system produces highly efficient power using energy produced by the solar cell modules and improves the generation efficiency through accumulated data analysis, which leads to create profits.

Photovoltaic system has characteristics that no fuel cost is needed and are free from air pollution and industrial waste because it uses unlimited and pollution-free solar energy. And it is easier to maintain than other facilities, and is very economical because the solar cells can be used for a long time.

Integrated power management module - 5kWh class power conversion system
Loading and Moving Module – Utilize the Standard ISO 10ft Container, Moving/Dynamic Optimization and Rigid Structure Design
Photovoltaic modules - 375W x 16EA panels, power generation of 5kW
Efficient operation algorithms – Realization of power saving and priority power supply algorithms
Operation monitoring system – Build up the operation monitoring system with IoT-based sensing module 


Smart Photovoltaic Inverter System
It is a device to covert the DC power to AC power at the solar panel, and is an essential equipment to connect the photovoltaic system to the transmission and distribution power grids. The smart solar inverter allows for the distributed photovoltaic system to improve the reliability of power grid. The smart solar inverter produces and absorbs reactive power as well as real power, and improves the reliability of the grids, thus helps to manage the voltage variations associated with the distributed photovoltaic system. 


Smart Photovoltaic Street Light System
Using the solar panel, it generates power without supplying any separate electric power. It supplies the electric power to LED lamps in the park at night by converting the solar energy to electric energy.  As it generates electric power using photovoltaic energy, which is an eco-friendly and infinite energy source, it can solve the power supply and demand requirements, can be turned on regardless of power outages, and also there is no risk of fire or accidents. In addition, selection of installation location is free and no additional power line construction is required, so that makes construction simple and easy to maintain.

The eco-friendly system using solar power can highlight the image of an eco-friendly city,   reconsider citizens' awareness of new and renewable energy, and improve the educational effect for students in understanding solar energy principles when installed in schools. 


Smart Photovoltaic Hydrogen Generation System
Using the photovoltaic energy, the system produces green hydrogen by electrolyzing water in the water electrolysis unit, and stores it in a compressed tank, and supplies necessary hydrogen for fuel cells to generate electric power.  

The system consists of a hydroelectric hydrogen generation and storage system using photovoltaic system, a hydrogen fuel energy utilizing system, and a safety device system.

Hydrogen can be color coded according to how it is produced. When hydrogen is produced using coal or natural gas, which is a fossil fuel that emits greenhouse gases, it is called brown hydrogen or gray hydrogen, and hybrid hydrogen that uses natural gas and carbon dioxide capture facilities is called blue hydrogen, and hydrogen made solely from new and renewable energy is called green hydrogen. Green hydrogen emits no carbon in the process of production. 

Green hydrogen is an eco-friendly energy that can fundamentally solve fossil energy problems such as greenhouse gas emission, fine dust induction, and resource depletion.

After converting solar energy into electricity, it is stored as hydrogen, and when necessary, using hydrogen generate electricity from the fuel cells again. Hydrogen can be stored in large quantities.


Smart Photovoltaic Water Purification System
Synthesizing the porous globular silica nano-silver composites, silver nanoparticles are detected in the silica's fine holes, and silver nanoparticles are not easily separated. This silica silver nano-complexes are stable against external energy such as heat or ultraviolet light, etc. and have an excellent function in anti-virus or deodorization, so coat it on sand, gravel, zeolite and coral stones, then use them as a filtering agent to purify and remove odors of drinking or waste water.

Because it is purified with silver nano filtering sands, it is a product to be able to actually solve various waterborne diseases, and it is easier to maintain and can be used for a longer period of time as well. 

As this water purification equipment is operated using the solar energy, if it is connected to a separate energy storage system, it stores energy during the daytime, and it can provide stable and clean purified water even during periods when no electricity is produced.

As it is portable, easy to install and use.