Smart Farm

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Hyuntai is a renewable energy, a power control system,
It specializes in IoT application modules and smart farms.

Smart Farm

Using containers to grow various plants anywhere, natural light has been replaced with LED lighting, and temperature, humidity, ventilation, natural light, and nutrition supply are automatically adjusted according to the growth rhythm of plants, allowing large-scale harvests in a small space.
By attempting to integrate a stand-alone power generation system using new and renewable energy and technology by applying a part of advanced eco-friendly farming methods, it drives the upward effect of farming technology.
Construction of sensors to optimize temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, solar radiation, LED lighting, CO2, EC, Ph, etc. and multi-purpose integrated controllers required for plant growth environments are applied.
This energy-saving system combines monitoring technology, LED lighting control technology, power supply using new and renewable energy, automatic charging technology, air conditioning technology for cooling LED, and sensor integrating technology and so on.


Smart Farm Monitoring
Via PC and mobile phone, you can see what’s going on in a green house and take an action appropriately.
It consists of a video equipment for growth of crops monitoring and supplemental monitoring, and computer equipment for the greenhouse operation management system.
Video equipment includes CCTVs, infrared cameras, and digital video recorders(DVR).
You can collect environmental information such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, wind speed, and wind direction through monitoring.
There is a system to control the facilities through monitoring the growth environment in real time and analyze the data base for environment and growth information. 

Sensor Module for Smart Farm 
 IoT sensors are developing into ultra-small and low power type, and they are not only collecting information, but also evolving into smart sensors that embed modules that contain functions such as processing/analysis/auto-calibration/decision-making. Various sensors are available to optimize temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, solar radiation, LED lighting, CO2, EC, and Ph required in the plant growth environment.
Includes wired and wireless communication modules that can communicate with the greenhouse integrated controller.
The sensor can transmit measured information to the integrated controller.
Commercial power or battery can be used.
Sensors are easy to replace or add as it is a plug-in type.

[Specifications of Sensors for Temperature, Humidity and Smoke] 





RJ45 Port 

 1-PORT 100Base-T(x)

I/O Device 

 UTP/STP Cat.5,6 Cable EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm(100m)


Port Number 

 7 Input (Power source 2 port, temperature sensor, thermal humidity sensor 3 port, program setting 2 port)



 Sub mask

 Default Set Value

 MAC Address

 Default Set Value

Sensor Range 

Temperature Sensor 

 -40~80°C (Temperature Accuracy : ±0.5°C)

Humidity Sensor 

 0-100%RH (Humidity Accuracy±3%RH)
Smoke Sensor

 Operating Environment

 Temperature Range

 Operating Temperature : -30 , Storage Temperature : -30°C~85°C)

 Humidity Range

 5~95% (No dew allowed)

Input Voltage 

 DC12V 2A


 100mm(W) X 60mm(D)  X 40mm(H)

[Comparison Chart for Function and Performance of Competitor] 

Product Function and Performance
Existing Products

New Products 

Embedded Board


Minimal Wiring and Easy Maintenance for Parts


Temperature and Humidity Sensors
Fire Detection


Smoke Sensor
Wired and Wireless Communications


Monitoring Services and Interworking by Smartphone Apps

Smart Farm Controller
This device makes control the Smart Farm anytime, anywhere with wireless communication and internet remote management feature.
Automatic notification function in case of system failure.
When you enter crop-specific cultivation data into your computer, the control system automatically configures and executes settings such as lighting, nutrient, and environment.
With an automatic recording of real-time data on crop control, lighting control, nutrient control, and environmental control, this device provides functions for history management and analysis of cultivation contents.
Using the scheduled control function, this device can manage the environmental changes such as lighting, cultivation, wavelength of lighting, pulse, and duty rate. 


Cultivation shelf
(L3.0 x W0.6 x H2.0)20 Ft. ISO Container
LED Lighting
70W(L2.8 x W0.5 x H0.15)70W x 2EA
Circulation Tank
400 Litre Capacity20 Ft. ISO Container
Circulation Pump
2 EA (including component)
Use of DC Pump
CO2 Supply Unit
Small Size
Interior Lighting LED
20W x 2EA-
Insulation Wall Reinforcement
Use of 100mm Urethane Insulator
Heat-proof Panel
Nutrient Distributor
Small Size Grade/Including Company’s Intelligent Controller
Air Conditioner
Small Size Air Conditioner 700W Class
Including Ventilation Facility
Estimated Electrical Capacity
2.4kWAnnual Average