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Hyuntai is a renewable energy, a power control system,
It specializes in IoT application modules and smart farms.


High voltage distribution boards, low-voltage distribution boards, motor control boards and distribution boards that supply stable power to various facilities such as apartments, schools, and factories.
It is possible to check the inside of the Distribution Board in real time by comparing the data such as voltage, current, temperature and humidity, smoke density, CO2 density, flame detection and image data of the distribution board.
In case of an abnormality, fire alarms can detect an accident in advance so that prevent any accidents in advance.
Internal facilities in the Motor Control Center(MCC) can be operated wirelessly through control modules and wireless controllers, and earthquake-resistant features are applied to enhance protection against earthquakes and vibrations.



Low Voltage Distribution Board
Low voltage closed distribution board can stack the low capacity draw-type air circuit breaker(ACB) up to 3 layers, and focus on the excellence and safety in supplying power by embedding high-reliability and high-block capacity ACBs.
Built-in high-reliability and high-block capacity air circuit breaker (ACB) enables stable power supply.
Low capacity draw-type ACB can be stacked in three layers so that minimize the footprint.

Special High Voltage Distribution Board
It is used for the special high voltage power distribution line, which is a grounded metal box containing main circuit devices such as power switches like power molded case circuit breaker(MCCB) and disconnecting switch(DS), metaling outfit(MoF), bus line, and connecting conductor. It is excellent for safety and prevention of accident expansion.
As it is a metal cased and air-insulated distribution board used for monitoring, controlling, and protecting the distribution board system, it is possible to design and manufacture focusing on functionality and stability applying vacuum circuit breaker(VCB) or generator circuit breaker(GCB) which has an excellent blocking function , and also is possible to adopt a variety of busbar systems such as single bus line or multiple bus line. 
It protects the distribution board against hazards by monitoring it in real time.
In order to reliably supply high voltage power to consumers, we have enhanced the  reliability and stability in supplying power with high-performance reliable devices.
It is a distribution board with low cost and minimal footprint through optimal design.
We have shortened the process time by relational device layout and unit-specific standardization.
We applied a mechanical interlock in order to prevent mistakes in operation.

Wirelessly Controlled Motor Control Center (MCC) Board
It is a technology that can operate facilities in the MCC Board remotely through the control module and wireless controller.
By removing the local operating panel(LOP) and wirings that required a large number of wires and facilities, and using the control module and wireless controller, the structure becomes simplified.
Without turning off the main power, there is no risk of safety accidents as multiple breakers and switches can be operated through the wireless controller and the administrator terminal.
Usability is improved by manually controlling the entrance and exit of MCC in three ways.
Maintenance and repair are convenient due to the modular structure of the compartment.
Change of unit configuration can be easily done. 



Panel Board
It is a device for distributing electricity to outlets, lights, machines, etc. at home or on the building floor.
Having a price competitiveness from a big reduction of working hours and comparability with various products, it is applicable to special industrial facilities such as general industrial facilities, power plants, and offshore plants, etc. 
A near-load installation can reduce construction costs and utilize surplus space.
The Panel Board is only installed in case of a system that sends electricity produced by photovoltaic system in connection with KEPCO, and receives when insufficient.
As it is installed at the point where it is divided from the main line to branch circuits in case of premises wiring, all the over-current circuit breakers for the branch circuits are installed in one place.
We have shortened the process time by rational device layout and unit-specific standardization.
The molded case circuit breaker(MCCB) installed for the photovoltaic system requires an over-current circuit breaker with earth lightening detection functions.

Automatic Control Board
There are heater devices and electric motors such as pumps and motors.
This is for protection purpose in case of abnormal operation.
The purpose of this system is to protect electric motors such as pumps and motors and heating devices in case of abnormal operation.
Save the power outage time for maintenance and costs by at least 30%.
Save time as maintenance can be done without turning off the main power.
There are a monitoring and control board that monitors voltage, current, power, and frequency of the power system, and an automatic control board that controls loads such as motor and valve by receiving input signals from various sensors and local measuring instruments. It is a control board which is operated by programs of personal computer (PC) and programmable logic controller (PLC). 
Automatic control through the PLC and touch type monitoring and control through the human machine interface(HMI).
Protection features for overvoltage, overload, and short circuit of motors and equipment are embedded.  
Countermeasure functions such as capacity change and load addition are also embedded.
Size, specifications, etc. can be changed depending on the installation environment.
This system controls the production facilities, plants and intelligent buildings automatically by detecting and measuring the internal data of temperature, pressure, flow rate, and level of those facilities.