Automatic Distribution System

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Hyuntai is a renewable energy, a power control system,
It specializes in IoT application modules and smart farms.

Automatic Distribution System

Automatic distribution system V1.0 selectively supplies microorganisms from the storage tank to the user, while transmitting the contents of the distribution to the server to save the distribution history. It also provides administrators with functions such as membership management, distribution and aggregation of data, and data retrieval.

It is an advanced agricultural systems incorporating information and communication technologies (ICT). By using technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, planting crops can be maintained and managed properly, and managed remotely through PCs and smartphones, resulting to increase the efficiency of production as well as convenience.

Automatic watering system and pest control system.

Automatic pest control system automatically dispenses registered drugs when a certain number of harmful insects are exceeded.

Automatic watering systems automatically operates sprinklers or drop watering facilities according to the measurements of soil moisture sensors installed on farms and weather sensors that detect thermal humidity, wind direction, and wind speeds.

User Program
Manager Program
Member Login
Manager Login
Microbe Set Value Input
Member Management
Selection of Kind of Microbe
Data Collection and Aggregation
Displaying Microbe Set Value
 Search Functions (Daily Crop/Livestock)